FoodFM is an exciting and groundbreaking new global internet radio station telling food stories from across the world.

Powerful, personal, political, and uplifting stories from farmers, food producers, campaigners – to chefs, food writers, and anyone and everyone involved in the food chain.

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Why do we need FoodFM?

  • Food is central to our lives – for survival, for family, for the community, for celebration.
  • Every week, 75% of the world’s population listen to the radio.
  • Radio listener numbers have been in exponential growth, even before the pandemic and while television has a glut of hugely popular cookery programmes, there is no global radio station dedicated to food in this way.
  • There are much-loved radio programmes such as BBC Radio 4’s The Food Programme, The Kitchen Cabinet (2 million listeners), and Farming Today (1 million listeners), and National Heritage Radio in New York producing podcasts – but nothing of this scale of reach in terms of subject matter and audience.
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Why now?

  • Food has never been so alive an issue. For those who have in lockdown, food is the highlight; the feature of a restricted existence.
  • For those who have not, it is about deprivation and the desperate scrabble for survival. 1 in 5 families with children in the UK are going hungry and the CEO of the World Food Programme has predicted a “famine of biblical proportions” triggered by the pandemic, affecting over a quarter of a billion people.
  • A scan of the front pages of the newspapers across the English-speaking world on any given day shows dozens of stories relating to food: Supply chains under pressure, farmers struggling to find help with the harvest, the future of the restaurant, the explosion of home baking. From the business and science of food to the domestic, stories are legion – from the macro to the micro.
  • None of this is going to go away. From recipes and food trends to the battles of government food policy and big business. Food is set to stay centre stage.

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